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Much like my personality, my art is very eclectic and wide ranging. I have an interest in a wide variety of subjects and styles and I like to work with them all and you will see the unique SkoRch style in each design. 

My style mostly depends on the medium I am working with. Regardless the medium, my art is vibrant and full of color. When it comes to subjects, it could be anything from nature, sci-fi, or abstract. Though sometimes my subjects are thoughtful and meaningful, other times, I can't fully explain what I create, I just let it happen and go where the creative flow takes me.

You will find a variety of mediums used from ink, acrylic, watercolor, and digital illustrations. I combine these different mediums in a lot of my work. I often start with a painting or sketch, and digitally manipulate them into something even better! I dabble in a bit of vector design creating designs and logos for merchandise, as well as scrapbook and coloring pages which will be available for download on my site, coming soon. 

The inspiration for my work is simply inspired by life around me. Ideas come to me in dreams and waking life. Sometimes it is inspired by something I feel, something I see, or even lyrics from my favorite music. I find myself  guided in spirituality, philosophy and even social issues. I am believer in a universal oneness and that we all connected through our humanity.

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