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The smoking eye, is the piece that gave me the strength to put myself out there. He is thoughtful thinker who takes nothing at face value. He makes his own choices and formulates his own ideas. He is not driven by fear or outside influence. He reminds us that the Earth gave us everything we needed. The nutrition and medicine we need was giving to us in nature, it is in the plants. Yet humans take them for granted, even destroy the nature at any chance for a profit, and think they can manufacture something more superior. He reminds us that our brains, our hearts, our bodies, are the receivers for universal energy and knowledge. We all have access to all the information we need in life, we had it when we were born. As children we were totally blissed out, inspired by everything around us, eager to learn and understand the world . Our society trained us to forget and become the droids that we are as working adults.  We must go within to see beyond the 3-D.  Be guided by your own Intuition, not by the "powers", not my media, not by propaganda. Your neighbor is not your enemy as we are continually led to believe, as we are divided and segregated in society. Purposely by those in power, those in "control". This piece is meant to inspire people to raise question, think with your own mind, formulate your own reality, take back your own power, and by doing so we will take back our humanity. 

My mission through my art is to invoke thought about the world around us. Though sometimes I just make pretty artwork of nature, I really aim to insight new ideas or new ways of viewing the world. When I first started this journey I wasn't sure what my mission was. As time went on I found myself wanting to create a community for like minds, with like interests, and with a common goal of bettering the world. I believe we are all creators here and connected as one.


The societies we have created for ourselves have given all our power to a select few who aim at keeping you controlled, keeping our minds dulled, keeping us believing that we are here for no purpose greater than to work and make money. Society has been structured to keep our minds switched off. Allowing us to only know what "they" want us to know. We are trained and conditioned from a young age, generation after generation, to be nothing more than a piece of a machine which is designed to use humanity. In a way which only fulfills the needs and greed of those controlling the majority.

I believe it is vital to the survival of the human race that we all awaken to the idea that we were born powerful. We were born FREE. No other human gives you that right. I raise the question to all; What other species on the planet must participate in a monetary system, so they can eat, have shelter, or survive in the world? Yes, humans are special, we are creators. But in our creating of this material world, we have lost ourselves. Money has become a system of control in itself and it is simply never questioned. The world we live in will forgoes basic human morals for the sake of profit without question. Indursty giants disguse Don't get me wrong, I am American that supports capitalism, but not at the sake of suffering to the masses. I strongly believe that there are alternatives which could provide much greater happiness and health, more even distribution of resources, and better sustainability of the planet and the human race. If the system wasn't so aimed at keeping us divided, we may even come together to bring these ideas and methods to reality.

The Creator of SkoRch Art

First of all, if you are here reading this, I want to send much love and appreciation for you. Anyone who can take time out of their busy lives to spend some time viewing my work is a blessing and all I can hope for.  I extend the upmost gratitude and Love to anyone and everyone that is here to share in this experience with me.

I am Jezzie Lee, the chaotic mind behind SkoRch Art. I was born and raised on the outskirts of Baltimore, Md. I am newlywed to my absolute best friend, who I owe so much gratitude for who and where I am today. I am also a mom to two fur-babies who complete our "pack" and bring so much happiness and love to our home. When I am not working my 40 hours for "the man", home is where I spend most of my time, creating. I feel very blessed to have a happy home where I am not looking to escape (well, unless I'm hightailin' it to the beach! Cause Sunshine & Sand are my jam 😊 )

If you want to know more about me, the artist "Jezzie Lee" - Click below to follow my blog. I will be releasing a bi-weekly "randoms". You'll get to know me through stories of my life and random rants about my thoughts on life and the world. Whatever I happen to be inspired to share in the moment. Which I hope will be of value to others. I will also share content from other like minds whom I follow and share similar ideologies. If I can potentially help just one person to feel like they aren't alone in this crazy world, then it will have all been worth it. 

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